fascinating theory, sad reality

Supposedly you can make a vegan approximation of processed cheese spread by mixing pureed beans, nutritional yeast, tahina or cashew nut butter, lemon juice, paprika, and mustard.

Ummmm, not really. For one, it tastes healthy instead of synthetic. That can’t be right.

To be fair, I didn’t really follow the recipe exactly. All the same, I had to wash the wholesome taste out of my mouth with some cheese crackers. The crackers didn’t taste like real cheese either, actually, but were yummy in a not-so-healthy trans-fat kind of way.

I suppose this is penance for dessert today of chocolate nemesis mousse cake, chocolate ganache tart in a chocolate crust, chocolate crumb cake, and cinnamon crumb cake. Now that was tasty. And they were made with top quality high cocoa content Belgian chocolate and cocoa powder, which is really, really good for you.

I was very surprised that the kids went mostly for the mousse cake instead of the regular chocolate cake. I wonder why? The lesson to be learned is that you pretty much can never serve too much chocolate, and that everyone loves chocolate nemesis.


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