Healthy Cookies & Pumpkin Cake

I made Pumpkin Cake from Nick Malgieri’s website.

The flavor and texture were nice and the cake was well received all around, but I would add more spice next time. I would add ginger and more cinnamon. Also, more golden raisins or craisins. It needs a little more tang, I think. Maybe some lemon juice. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup of water, but maybe that should be orange juice.

I also made the healthy cookies from 101 Cookbooks. Not bad, actually. Kind of like a banana chocolate pecan coconut macaroon. I used ground pecans instead of ground almonds, but otherwise followed the recipe as written. I found that the cookies too forever to bake. Even longer than the longest time listed of 15 minutes. At 18 minutes they were just starting to brown. But I used Callebaut 811 bittersweet chocolate, and with the coconut oil, the banana, oatmeal, and ground pecans, it was a really good flavor combination.

Note (a few days later): the cookies are still yummy. They taste like macaroons. If I could eliminate the oatmeal, this would be interesting to make for Passover. Maybe increase the nuts and coconut . . . .

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