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Lemon Almond Torta and Chocolate Nemesis

November 20, 2008

I have given the Lemon Almond Torta from The Traveler’s Lunchbox another chance. It was good the first time, but I was a little disappointed. First of all, my torta did not look anything like Melissa’s picture.

Melissa seems to have photographed a miniature lemon torta, which she managed to completely encrust in toasted almonds. In response to a question about getting the almonds to stick, she posted that she used a thick layer of butter to get the almonds to adhere to the sides of the pan and then “glued” more on with a sugar paste. I tried this without success.

I tried a few things differently the second time. First, I used a regular cake pan instead of a springform pan because I hate dealing with springform pans. Second, I gave up the idea of completely encrusting the torta with almonds. I did not even bother to try to get the nuts to stick at all to the sides of the pan.

The first time I made the torta, the cake was a little dense. This time, it was much better, but just a little soggy in the center under all the lemon curd. I might have underbaked it. Both times I made the torta, I neglected to toast the almonds. Next time, I will pay attention to this step because the almonds on my tortas were a little pale and got a bit soggy.

These quibbles aside, the torta was a big success. It was especially good paired with Chocolate Nemesis (Good Housekeeping, December 2005)

Jaden’s knife giveaway!

November 20, 2008

Steamy Kitchen is giving away three free knives. And you get to pick the knife you want to win.