Almost instant pareve chocolate gelato

Another ice cream project with my son. We mixed a box of chocolate pudding mix with soy milk and froze it in a Donvier ice cream maker. Not bad. Looked like gelato. The texture was just slightly gummy. The flavor, unfortunately, was clearly instant pudding. But not bad. Pistachio would be interesting.

Next up, we will try making chocolate gelato from scratch with this recipe from Saveur, and strawberry gelato from this recipe from Mark Bittman (NYT).

Update: Chocolate gelato was good. Maybe less sugar next time. Mom thought it was perfect. I added a tsp. of coffee powder to the mix, and it deepened the chocolate flavor. Mom says it tastes better than Sharon’s chocolate sorbet. The texture was also better than the pudding mix version. It is a very dark, intense chocoate flavor.

Second update: We made strawberry gelato. I pureed 1 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries with the basic Bittman cornstarch ice cream mix (after cooking and chilling the ice cream mix overnight). The color was dark pink and the flavor was intensely strawberry. The texture was slightly icy, which made it taste more like sorbet than ice cream. But it was very good. It was our favorite. The gelato does not seem to keep all that well in the freezer. I think you need to eat it right away.


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