Chocolate Espresso Cookies


I made these cookies, but I changed things around a bit. I used regular all purpose flour. decaf instant coffee powder instead of ground espresso, mini semisweet chips, and left out the chocolate covered espresso beans. I used the trans-fat free Earth Balance margarine instead of butter and left the salt out of the recipe to compensate for the saltiness of this brand of margarine. Also, I baked them at 350 degrees for 10 minutes instead of 375 degrees and then left them in a turned off oven for a few minutes. The under baked cookies collapsed and formed cracks. They were thin and chewy instead of thick and chunky. They were very good, but totally different from the original (highly caffeinated ) version.

I will try the recipe the right way next time. I was under a certain amount of stress and just doing the best I could under adverse circumstances.

Note: these cookies were a big success.

Another Note: I made these again, and topped each cookies with a chocolate covered espresso bean (see above photo). I also used coffee flavored chocolate chips.  Another change: half of the sugar was dark brown. Result: more coffee punch, less chocolately. Husband did not like the second batch so much, finding the coffee flavor too intense. But, the parents loved them.


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