Eating Up My Pantry: Curried Coconut Noodles and Tofu Stir-Fry

curried noodles stir fry

Have you heard about the eGullet challenge to skip your weekly grocery shopping and just live off the bounty already in your pantry/freezer/fridge? I’m so there!

Part of the challenge involves posting your meals under this week-long experiment. So far, I have finished off the pizza dough in the fridge, made veggie tacos, and prepared curried coconut noodles (Curried Noodles with Cashews in Coconut Sauce from Simple Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin, pp.245-6). Tonight, I turned leftover curried coconut noodles into another meal by combining them with a tofu stir-fry.

To make the stir-fry, I fried 14 ounces of 1″ tofu cubes (drain, pat dry, and season with salt and pepper first).

In another pan, I stir fried sliced onion and carrots cut on the diagonal, and then tossed in some leftover pre-cooked bok choy (I had served it on the side the night I made the curried noodles). I added in some minced garlic (3 cloves) and ginger (1 Tablespoon) and a teaspoon of curry powder. I added in the fried tofu and sprinkled in a teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of red pepper flakes, and a pinch of salt. Then I deglazed the pan with some water.

The noodles got reheated in a pot with some water (maybe 1/3-1/2 cup) to thin out the sauce slightly. Then I plated the noodles, topped the noodles with the tofu and vegetables, and then topped everything with chopped scallions (I used three).


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