Dangerous Tart Pans

I battled my tart pan and the tart pan won.

linzer tart

I made a recipe for Linzer Torte from the new ATK baking book and the torte stuck ferociously to the pan. I finally pried it free, making the decision to destroy the torte if need be to save the torte. I made it pareve and was less than happy with the result. I’m not sure if the problem was the recipe, or the problem was the margarine. It seemed as if it were not spiced strongly enough. The jam I used was very good, not so sweet and very fruit (Hero premium).

I also made another tart: Polish Apple Tart from Classic Home Desserts by Richard Sax. This recipe called for greasing the tart pan, so the tart came out, initially. When I tried to lift if from the base, the base sliced into my finger. Blood spurted. It was not pretty.

The dough was a bit too sticky and hard to work with. I just couldn’t roll out the dough for the lattice top. The filling was excellent. My husband loved this. It didn’t look so fabulous–just ok–hence no picture. It looked ok, but I was frustrated about not being able to make the lattice top. I will have to try again with a different dough.

I also made the Quick Chocolate Candy Cake because Richard Sax recommended it as a last minute substitute for failed dessert. The linzer torte ended up being more of hit than this cake, ironically enough. My husband thought it was not chocolately enough and disliked the grit of ground nuts. Someone else noticed the fruitiness of the tablespoon of apricot jam.

chocolate candy cake

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