Flo Braker’s Almond Cookies


After seeing these cookies, I just had to make them. I deviated from the instructions somewhat. Thinking that a longer log of dough would mean a bigger yield of cookies, I used a 8×13 pan instead of using a 9×5 loaf pan to shape the raw cookie dough. Also, I noticed that, in the original recipe in Sweet Miniatures, Flo Braker cuts these cookies into squares.  So, I made some square. This really increases the yield, but it is tricky to execute neatly.



1. I think I might want to add some almond extract or vanilla extract and maybe less cinnamon.

2. The oblong shape works out much better than the square, which get all distorted when they are cut and baked.

3. I used margarine. Better with butter undoubtedly.

4. I love the way that “Hawaiian Washed Sugar” sounds, and love the way it looks even more.


5. I wonder if I could make these cookies with dark brown sugar?

6. The cookies are super crisp, even when you don’t let them get dark brown. The flavor and texture remind me somewhat of imported almond spice cookies.

7.  The cookies look plain, but they are kind of addictive.

8. These cookies are really hard to slice evenly. Shuna Fish Lydon’s idea of rolling these out super thin and cutting them into shapes is something I must try.


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