YoBaby Yogurt Loaf Cake


I been meaning to make that French yogurt cake that seems to be everywhere. Dorie Greenspan has a version of it (see also here and here) , and Ina Garten made a version of Dorie’s version. And then there is the famous recipe on Orangette. Since it is a French thing, Clothilde unsurprisingly has a few versions.

The recipes are all pretty much the same, although some recipes call for half a cup of yogurt and some for a full cup. Dorie’s earlier published recipe has the larger amount, and her later published recipe has the smaller amount

I tried the Orangette recipe, but I left out the lemon zest and put in some almond extract. I also skipped the glaze. Instead of baking it in a round pan, I used a loaf pan. It took about an hour to cook all the way through.

My husband loved it. I liked it, but I think I would add a bit less oil next time. Maybe it seemed a bit rich because I used one of my daughter’s YoBaby yogurts (full fat). It was vanilla, and that may also be the reason the cake was a tad too sweet.

The YoBaby yogurts are just the right size, though, and I see on the Stonyfield site that they are rolling out an unsweetened version. That wil be just the ticket.

Things I may want to try: just a tad less oil (just 6 Tbl. maybe), adding in a drop of orange juice or lemon juice (1/4 to 1/3 cup), and maybe just a bit less sugar.


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