Carrot Cake and Yogurt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting–Gah!


I made the carrot cake at Zoe Bakes (from Carole Bloom’s The Essential Baker). I was a little perplexed when I put the batter in the 3″ deep 8″ round pan. The batter came almost to the very top. I was worried about overflow, but the cake rose just to the rim and no more. Which is odd, because, I made more or less the same amount of carrot cake batter using the recipe from The Frog Commissary Cookbook and that filled a 10″ tube pan. Hmmm.

The cake seemed a little dense when I torted it in three layers to frost it. I haven’t tasted it yet. I hope it is ok. Oh, and it took forever to bake through–about 70 minutes. I think it makes way more sense to bake this in 2 9″ round pans as the original recipe suggests. But, we will have to see how it slices and tastes.


Wait, one more comment: I thought that I had to have a pound of grated carrots, so after weighing out a pound of carrots, I grated them. Then I double-checked by weighing the grated carrots. Only a scant 12 ounces! I grated some more carrots until I was at about 15 ounces. Later, I checked the Frog Commissary Cookbook and it notes that you need 4 cups of grated carrots, which a pound of ungrated carrots should yield. So, for the Carole Bloom recipe, is it a pound of carrots, grated OR is it a pound of grated carrots? Not the same thing at all, apparently.

I also made the cream cheese frosting from Zoe’s site (instead of doubling it, I made 1 1/2 times the original amount. I think it was sufficient). I added in the grated orange and lemon zest, but I liked the frosting better without the zest. The flecks of zest look pretty, but mar the texture and do not improve the flavor as far as I could tell. Also, I like to color some of the frosting green and orange to pipe carrots and leaves on top, and the zest being in the frosting is not good for that use.

Anyway, my son wanted to make another chocolate cake (we have made two together already in the last few days–he is chocolate cake obsessed!) Instead, I let him frost some of the leftover yogurt cake. We made two layers, stacked them with plain cream cheese frosting in the middle and on top, and then garnished it with a carrot-like blob of orange frosting and a dab of green for the carrot top. A sprinkle of coconut on the sides finished our miniature cake.

WOW! was that good. The cream cheese frosting and coconut took that cake to a whole other level. I think the yogurt cake should be made as cupcakes that are frosted with cream cheese frosting and topped with coconut.


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4 Responses to “Carrot Cake and Yogurt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting–Gah!”

  1. Zoë Francois Says:

    I look forward to seeing how it came out. The cake was certainly moist, but not too dense. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. pragmaticattic Says:

    Thanks Zoe! I will post the pictures in a few days.

  3. Zoë Francois Says:

    The pictures are wonderful. I love that you piped the carrots, it is such a fun detail! 🙂

  4. pragmaticattic Says:

    Thanks Zoe. My son thinks the green tinted frosting tastes the best. ;-))

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