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Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever?

June 16, 2009

chocolate cupcake

In an ongoing quest for the best chocolate cake, I made Dan Lepard’s recipe for chocolate custard muffins. Lepard promises they are the “best chocolate muffin you’ll ever eat.”

Hmmmm. That’s pretty hard to resist. Plus the prep method is intruiging. Basically, you made chocolate pudding and then add eggs and flour. (more…)


Quesadilla Pie

June 16, 2009

I had been thinking about making something with beans and the tortillas in my fridge. Then I saw Elise’s post about Quesadilla Pie.  Yum! Healthy, quick,  and so easy that you don’t even need a real recipe.


Elise just gives general directions and ingredient suggestions. The basic idea is that you line a buttered pie plate with a flour tortilla, then add a layer of filling, then a tortilla, then filling, another tortilla, more filling, and then a final tortilla. Brush with more butter and then bake.

I actually didn’t have a pie plate handy, so I ended up making quesadilla stacks. I made one stack with whole wheat flour tortillas and another stack with corn tortillas. Inside I layered shredded cheese, black olives, corn, red beans, refried black beans, just a little bit of cream cheese, and diced tomatoes. 

So good. . . .