Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever?

chocolate cupcake

In an ongoing quest for the best chocolate cake, I made Dan Lepard’s recipe for chocolate custard muffins. Lepard promises they are the “best chocolate muffin you’ll ever eat.”

Hmmmm. That’s pretty hard to resist. Plus the prep method is intruiging. Basically, you made chocolate pudding and then add eggs and flour.

The recipe got a thumbs up from Lekker Lekker Lekkerste. She says the ” inside is rich and fragrant with chocolate and vanilla.” Plus, ” It is also a doddle to make.”

Ok, that really did it. Who can resist making a rich chocolate dessert that is “a doddle to make” ? (I love that expression) I followed Valisa’s suggestion of using coffee as my liquid to make the dessert more of a mocha thing.

The result? The cupcakes had a very rich, rounded chocolate flavor, but were a bit crumbly. Also, I got double the amount of muffins that the recipe states.

In the end, I think that making a pudding with the cocoa and adding chocolate gives richer chocolate flavor to cake than just dumping and mixing in cocoa. It has been stated before that dissolving cocoa in hot water blooms the cocoa flavor and improve the final cake.  Cooks Illustrated used the pudding technique in recipe for chocolate layer cake.

This particular recipe doesn’t hold together well enough to make it my all time favorite, but I was quite pleased. I’m wondering if I can adapt the method to other chocolate cake recipes.

update:  Maybe the flaw is a hidden virtue. The cake crumbles into perfect crumbs. It is fabulous on top of chocolate pudding for “dirt” pudding, which kids love. It would also be awesome for blackout cake.

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