Kasha Varnishkes and Tzimmes for Rosh HaShana


For Rosh HaShana, so far I have made potatonik, tzimmes, and kasha varnishkes (oh, yeah, and pumpkin pie and chocolate bundt cake and honey cake and caramel apple cake, but who is keeping track?). I still have a lot of cooking to do, so I will keep this short and then get back to my honey apple challah . . .


If you want to know how to make (or how I make) kasha varniskes and tzimmes here it is:

To make the kasha, take a small box of Wolff’s medium granulation kasha and cook it following box instructions (it is about 2 cups of buckwheat groats in case you can’t get Wolff’s). Meanwhile cook 7 ounces of Manischewitz egg noodle bow ties (or Barilla mini farfalle). Also, caramelize 2 huge onions in 3 Tbl. of corn oil. Combine all of the above with lots of salt and pepper to taste. That’s it. Oh, and be sure to use well seasoned water or broth as your cooking liquid for the kasha to get the flavor into the grain.

To make the tzimmes, slice 2 lbs. of carrots and cook them until tender in enough orange juice to not quite cover the carrots. Add a little bit of ground ginger and cinnamon and a few Tbl. of honey. Cook the liquid down to glaze the carrots.

Update: I added prunes to the tzimmes when my husband complained. They really add a certain depth of flavor. This gets better on reaheating, when the liquid cooks down to a thick glaze. Can’t really be overcooked.

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