My husband loves potatonik. It is a kind of yeasted potato kugel that you can buy in certain kosher bakeries in Brooklyn (and elsewhere probably). Or  you can make it at home . . .


As a special Rosh HaShana treat for my sweetheart, I made potatonik from George Greenstein’s Secrets of a Jewish Baker, a wonderful cookbook by a former bakery owner.

If you want to see the recipe, take a look at this terrific article by Norene Gilletz that gives both Mr. Greenstein’s recipe and another recipe from Joan Nathan, and also has fascinating comments from readers.

Not to confuse you, but some people call regular non-yeasted potato kugel potatonik, too.

Anyway, this recipe is an interesting companion piece to the Rustic Potato Loaves from Baking with Julia. That bread also called for a large amount of potato in relation to flour, but the potatoes were cooked and mashed before being added to the dough. Here, you grate raw potatoes and onions. The effect is much moister, and not really bread-like at all. It is liked a leavened potato pudding. The loaves rise up as they bake, but then collapse after being taken from the oven. The loaves get denser as they sit.


The recipe is also interesting in that it calls for adding a crumbled bread roll. I used a Zomick’s onion egg roll. This added an additional layer of onion flavor and little flecks of carmelized onion. Excellent!

I am sending this curiousity over to Yeastspotting . . .

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  1. YeastSpotting September 18, 2009 | Wild Yeast Says:

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