Sephardic Leek Fritters for Rosh Hashana

It is traditional to eat leeks on Rosh Hashana, and here is an easy and delightful way of preparing them:  Ejjeh B’Kerrateh, or leek fritters.


The LA Times printed this recipe for leek fritters two years ago in a Rosh Hashana article that focused on the dishes of Syrian Jews. In particular, the article focused on Poopa Dweck’s beautiful tome about this cuisine, Aromas of Aleppo.

The recipe is really simple. Thinly slice leeks and saute them. Then mix the leeks with eggs and flour and some seasoning (allspice, cinnamon, and salt). Fry patties in oil. 

I substituted matzoh meal for most of the flour, and I went pretty light on the allspice and cinnamon, adding just a tiny bit. Delicious! I couldn’t believe how so few ingredients could pack so much flavor. My husband thought I was roasting a turkey because the aroma from the fritters was so savory.


Notes: The recipe calls for a pound of leeks. I used three large leeks, and I chopped off the dark green leaves before wieghing them. The white and light green parts weighed about 12 ounces.  The recipe calls for 3 Tbl. of flour. I used a Tbl. of flour plus 2-3 Tbl. of matzoh meal.

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