Easy Broiled Salmon


I have found a really easy, really fantastic way of making salmon.


Here is what you do:  Sprinkle a piece of salmon with Za’atar seasoning and lemon pepper seasoning (heavy on the za’atar and light on the lemon pepper). Spray the salmon with cooking spray. Bake uncovered or roast tightly wrapped in foil until done. I like to just pop the fish into the toaster oven to cook it. My husband likes it cooked about 20 minutes at 375 to 425 degrees.


That’s it. Really easy, totally foolproof, and always delicious.

Oh, and I think it is South Beach friendly, too.

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One Response to “Easy Broiled Salmon”

  1. Madam Chow Says:

    OK, I’m going to have to try this. Just wasn’t sure how long to cook it in the toaster oven.

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