Sisterhood Kickoff Brunch Cake Decorating Demonstration

Actually, I don’t have pictures from the Sisterhood brunch itself. But, I can tell you about the cake decorating demonstration I did.

I had something like ten minutes to talk. At the end of a 2 hour brunch when everyone was more than ready to leave.  Oh, and it had to be participatory. So, what did I talk about?

Stenciling, that’s what.

I let everyone take a rectangle of brownie and stencil on it with powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and plain powdered sugar. The only thing I forgot was taking pictures!

Anyway, here is my tip for coloring powdered sugar fast and easy: take granulated sugar and add food coloring and mush it aound in a plastic bag. Then add powdered sugar and mush it around some more. Ideally, you would pulverize it in a blender or food processor, but it is usable without that step.  The granulated sugar helps distribute the color and break up lumps that form in the powdered sugar.

Here is another tip: buy stencils from  the craft store from a section other than the cake decorating aisle. So much choice, so inexpensive. I experimented with stenciling to create a project for the brunch, but I am now adding this to my regular repertoire of quick and easy cake decorating tricks.



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