Mama Hinda’s Maple Walnut Cake

I’m really enjoying Cooking Jewish by Judy Bart Kancigor (originally self-published as Melting Pot Memories).  Pictured above is the maple walnut cake, which is a chiffon cake that is baked in a 9″x13″ pan.

Chiffon cake is one of my favorite kinds of cake, and this sounded so good, with the flavor of toasted walnuts, coffee, brown sugar, and maple. I didn’t have the maple extract, so I used a little bit of maple syrup. The flavor was nice, but I realized that I am not so partial to brown sugar flavored chiffon cake. I kept thinking that I wished it was plain vanilla or marble chiffon. Perhaps the maple extract is a critical ingredient after all.

I think the cake would have been yummier as a brown sugar marble chiffon cake, with chocolate swirls. Sort of like chocolate chips cookies, but in cake form.

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2 Responses to “Mama Hinda’s Maple Walnut Cake”

  1. lisamichele Says:

    I have a recipe for a maple walnut cake with maple frosting and caramelized maple syrup drizzles that’s out of this world. However, yours look so most, I’m tempted to switch cakes, especially since yours contains coffee, which really enhances maple flavor, and it is CHIFFON! YUM, and mouth watering photo!

  2. Laura Says:

    Oh, Lisa . . . Please, I so need to try your recipe!

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