Chocolate and More Chocolate Passover Desserts

When it comes to Passover desserts, you have two options: (1) make a recipe that substitutes potato starch or matzoh meal for flour, or (2) use a recipe that does not depend on flour. Option two is usually the most successful.

Flourless chocolate cakes are the most obvious choice (and I will get to my favorite momentarily). There are cookies that are more or less flourless that are great options as well.

Maida Heatter’s famous chocolate cookies (also known as Soho Gobs, Mudslides, Bittersweet Decadence and a bunch of other names) are a fail-safe cookie choice. I especially like Alice Medrich’s take on this cookie in her book Bittersweet. Just substitute potato starch for the minimal amount of flour called for in the recipe.

I just discovered another winner: Beacon Hill cookies, as reinterpreted by Alice Medrich. So easy and so good–the only catch is that the cookies do not have much of a shelf life.

The Beacon Hill cookie is just beaten egg whites and melted chocolate mixed together. The taste is pure chocolate; the texture is light, but meltingly delicate.

The cake version of this is Dione Lucas’s roulade léontine. Here I have turned again to both Maida Heatter and Alice Medrich. Maida took classes from Dione Lucas and put the recipe in one of her books. Alice Medrich has a version in Bittersweet that is just killer. But the version on Epicurious (from Gourmet) is hugely popular. Smitten Kitchen posted a version that is layered rather than rolls, which is such a smart idea. Gluten Free Mommy has a picture of this cake that looks amazingly like a regular chocolate layer cake.

I have just tried another version of chocolate roll–this time from Jaques Pepin (from the Jaques and Julia television series). Pepin adds cream to his cake–it is basically ganache and beaten egg whites. The results are super moist.

I tried making half the recipe, and baking it in a 8″ square pan. The result was super moist and delicate chocolate brownie/cake. I think that you could make the whole recipe in a 9×13 pan.

Now, as for my favorite flourless chocolate cake: Chocolate Nemesis! Hands-down.

But, there is another recipe that has caught my eye: Zuni Gâteau Victoire. Instead of butter, the recipe relies upon cream. Here is another version from the Scharffen Berger site: Chocolate Velvet Cake from Claire Legas, pastry chef at Absinthe Restaurant in San Francisco. And here is Julia making the recipe herself on YouTube.

One more thing: While making mini coconut tarts, I noticed that Donna Hay has a recipe for making cute little individual flourless chocolate cakes (with a glaze!).

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