Something Different for Passover Dessert

I have not yet made this, but I am posting a link anyway just because it just sounds so good and so different, and it is not tagged as a Passover dessert.

Karen, of Citrus and Candy, has a few flourless cakes. There is the requisite chocolate cake (this one with hazelnuts). And there is a recipe for the classic orange cake. But, what really intrigues me is the Flourless Apple and Almond Tea Cake from The Cook’s Larder in Sydney, Australia. Okay, it is a little late in the season for apple cake, but this cake has maple syrup (or honey) and ginger and apples and almonds! I think this is one of the most popular cakes at The Cook’s Larder.


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4 Responses to “Something Different for Passover Dessert”

  1. shoshana Says:

    You are messing with my plans! I thought I had decided on the desserts to make this year for pesach and you keep posting amazing ideas that send me back to revise my lists yet again. These all look great, if not this year than next for sure. thanks for the inspiration.

    • pragmaticattic Says:

      Thanks, Shoshana! I am also going to have to defer some recipes until next year . . . There’s a limit, after all.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Found you on my link travels from Smitten Kitchen, and now am going to have to buy a springform (thought about it… didn’t… now must) for Passover. WOW!

    • pragmaticattic Says:

      Thanks, Stephanie! Yes, with a springform there is so much you can do. Although, I find that you can also use a deep cake pan and line it with parchment and get the same results. Thanks so much for coming over from Smitten Kitchen. Have a great Passover!

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