More Chocolate Cake and Coffee Cake

After much dilly-dallying, I finally got around to making the coffee cake recipe from Dan Lepard’s book, Baking with Passion (coffee layer cake with mascarpone cream, p. 103). The recipe was originally from David Whitehouse, who once ran a pastry shop called Leamingtons of Richmond.

I had issues (sigh . . .). Mostly because of a basic failure on my part regarding mis en place. (If only I hadn’t been in such a distracted rush and laid out all my ingredients at the start . . . I would have saved myself so much time and trouble.)

I forgot to add the oil when I mixed the dry and liquid ingredients together. Then I realized I did not have enough corn oil. By the time I had gotten more oil, the beaten whites had been sitting too long, and the rest of the batter was stiff. I ended up pouring the batter into just one cake pan, which left me with an extra greased and lined cake pan.

So, I made a half recipe of chocolate chiffon cake from The Greyston Bakery Cookbook. The below picture does not do justice to its moist, supple texture and super chocolate-ey taste. I would, however, add coffee powder next time, to give it more edge.

The verdict: the chocolate chiffon was a huge hit. So much so, that I still had almost the whole coffee cake leftover. I gave some coffee cake to my mother, who liked it. The coffee cake, oddly enough, does not taste very coffee-ish to me. The taste is more brown-sugar-ish. The texture is very moist and dense, like carrot cake. I can see why the cake was paired with a mascarpone coffee frosting, but I think I would go with a cream cheese frosting. I think I need to make the recipe again to be entirely fair.

I am thinking about recycling the leftover cake (Julia Child’s Charlotte Africainne? Or maybe David W.’s own recipe for recycled cake: Chocolate Rum Truffles.)

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2 Responses to “More Chocolate Cake and Coffee Cake”

  1. David Whitehouse Says:

    Thanks for the name check – you’re right in thinking that having everything organised, and then working through the recipe briskly, will give the best results with my coffee cake – when I was baking at my shop, there weren’t many opportunities to stop halfway through, so I never had to work around the possibility of the mixture stiffening up!

    Next time you make a good dense chocolate cake, do think about making two and using one for the chocolate rum truffles – they are something I remember from my own childhood, which seem to disappeared.

    • pragmaticattic Says:

      Thanks for visiting my site, David! My mom loves the cake. I need to make it again. It will be really killer when I actually make it right (and serve it with the frosting).

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