Dairy-Free Vegan 7 Layer Bars

Joe Pastry made 7 layer bars recently (actually, so did Cookie Madness and also Cake or Death?).

Here is my twist: less sweet, dairy-free, egg-free.Here is what I did: I used unsweetened coconut, and substituted cream of coconut for the condensed milk. Instead of graham cracker crumbs, I used crushed tea biscuits (egg-free, dairy-free). Margarine instead of butter (although coconut oil would have been awesome). All dairy-free chocolate chips instead of the butterscotch and white chocolate. If I wasn’t feeling lazy, I would have used chopped bittersweet chocolate.

Substituting the cream of coconut for the condensed milk worked like a charm.

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5 Responses to “Dairy-Free Vegan 7 Layer Bars”

  1. shoshana Says:

    What a great idea to use coconut cream. I adore these bars, but my version is a lot more trouble because you start by making vegan condensed milk and a salted graham cracker shortbread for the crust. (if you want that recipe it is http://tinyurl.com/2els9ly ). I will absolutely be using your recipe too, it looks delicious.

    • pragmaticattic Says:

      Thanks, Shoshana. I think your idea of adding salt to the crust is genius. Hmm, I wonder if just adding some crushed pretezels to the cookie crumbs would do the trick of giving that salt/sweet jolt?

  2. Anna Says:

    I haven’t made any vegan goodies in a while, but I really like the idea of putting coconut in the filling or even in the crust rather than just on top. I didn’t realize that cream of coconut is vegan, but I guess it makes sense.

  3. Parshat Masei, Pareve Condensed Milk and Dairy-Free Chocolate Revel Bars « Pragmatic Attic Says:

    […] that cream of coconut sometimes works as a substitute. I was very pleased with how it worked in seven-layer bars, and sort of pleased with how it worked in key-lime pie (the filling was delicious, but the pie […]

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