La Charlotte Africaine

I made an interesting recycled cake recipe from the second volume of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking: La Charlotte Africaine.

Basically, you take 8 ounces of melted chocolate and combine it with an equal weight of crumbled cake scraps and beaten eggs. It is a bit of a pain in that you need to beat the yolks and whites separately. Ideally, you bake it in a charlotte mold, but I used a 6″ cake ring.

I used the recipe to recycle the coffee layer cake that I did not get quite right because of poor mis en place. Of course, despite trying to be careful about mis en place this time, I forgot an ingredient. The recipe calls for adding 3/4 cup of milk to the melted chocolate. I carefully laid out everything else: yolks, whites, sugar for the whites, sugar for the yolks, the ounce of orange liqueur, the crumbled cake, the chocolate. Compleltely left out the liquid. Oops.

What is the opposite of being on a hot streak? What is the opposite of being on a roll?

The cake came out quite nice, regardless. Dense crumb, but nice. Probably, the cake would have been lighter with the extra liquid. I think this is proof that this is a recipe that is hard to get wrong. I left out a major ingredient and the cake still came out delicious.

The deliciousness of the cake probably varies on the kind of scraps you use to make it. But, with 8 ounces of chocolate, it is always going to be good.

I didn’t really finish the cake. It is supposed to be either frosted or split and layered with whipped cream or a combination of whipped cream and Italian meringue.

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2 Responses to “La Charlotte Africaine”

  1. sasa Says:

    The opposite of being on a roll is losing your cooking mojo – it happens to us all but the pud looks like you’re back on – yay!

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