Chocolate Mayo Cake

In my ongoing quest for the ultimate chocolate cake, I gave a whirl to this Bon Appetit recipe from Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of the inside, but the cake was a rich, moist, dark triple layer cake.

Verdict? The cake was quite nice, and so was the frosting, but not better than Black Magic Cake.

I weighed as I went along, and here are the weights for the various ingredients:
cocoa: 2.75 ounces or 80g.
flour: 12.75 ounces or 360 g.
sugar: 7 ounces
brown sugar: 7 ounces
mayonnaise: 9.5-9.75 ounces or 275-280 g.

I found that the cake (baked in three 8″ round pans) was done in about 25-27 minutes, much less than the suggested 30-32 minutes in the recipe. I weighed out the batter, and each pan held about 18-19 ounces of batter.

Also, I think that you can get away with using somewhat less frosting than the recipe calls for.  You can lightly fill and barely frost the cake with about a third of the frosting. I think two thirds of the frosting recipe would be enough for modestly frosting the cake.

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