Seitan Success! And Horizons Restaurant BBQ Seitan

After some not so successful forays into making my own seitan, finally, SUCCESS!

The seitan recipe comes from Robin Robertson’s latest book Vegan on the Cheap (p. 51). I have had success with Robin Robertson’s recipes before, so when The Chick + the Pea posted about this recipe, I was all over it.I especially like the cooking method: place your shaped loaf into a pan with water, and bake tightly covered.

The texture after baking is disconcertingly like fluffy matzoh balls, but it gets denser and chewier after it cools. I thinly sliced and fried the seitan before adding a yummy barbecue sauce.

For the sauce, I just had to try a recipe from Horizons Restaurant after reading raves about their jerk bbq seitan online.  The bbq sauce is in their first cookbook, Horizons: The Cookbook, with the recipe for the bbq wings (p. 66).

The sauce is sweet, with lots of ketchup, agave syrup, and a bit of molasses. The sweetness is tempered with lime juice, ginger juice, and Cajun or jerk seasoning. It is delicious, very delicious, but so rich that I can see why this is an appetizer instead of a main dish.

Next, I want to try Robertson’s recipe for Seitan in Spicy Orange Sauce (also good for tempeh or tofu).

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