Barefoot Contessa Roasted Egggplant Spread

I had been meaning to make this Barefoot Contessa recipe for the longest time. When I finally made this easy, fabulous recipe, it tasted so familiar. But let me backtrack. Here is how you make it: Roast chopped eggplant with bell pepper, red onion, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil until everything has gone all soft and brown. Then you puree it and add some tomato paste. That’s it.

Here is what I did a little different from the recipe: I used two huge cloves of garlic. One I chopped and the other I left to roast whole. This gave the dip a nice roasted garlic flavor. Instead of red pepper, I used green Italian peppers. And I let the whole thing roast for an hour and a half until it was really brown and cooked down.

The resulting puree–before I added the tomato paste–tasted just like eggplant chopped liver. After the tomato paste was added, it reminded me of other eggplant dips I have made or bought, but this was hands down the easiest eggplant dip I have ever made. Very complex flavor for little effort.

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