I was inspired to make pink cupcakes (pink frosting AND pink cake) after reading Pinkalicious. (take a thorough look at this site if you are a pinkalicious fan. And here is a YouTube clip from the musical.)

The idea of the cupcake is sort of red velvet, but without all that scary food coloring. The batter just needs a few drops. I am also going to try this again with fruit juice.

After baking the pink is more muted because the browning of the cupcake yellows the color a bit:

Inside, the pink color is more intense, but still yellower than the raw batter:

The recipe for these cupcake is easy and vegan. Just make the Moosewood vegan cake, but leave out the cocoa and add in just a bit of food coloring to the water. I think this will work as well with dark fruit juice. I am going to try cranberry juice mixed with grape juice. Or raspberry or strawberry juice.

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2 Responses to “Pinkalicious”

  1. Julie M. Says:

    My four year old son is obsessed with Pinkalicious! I will definitely have to try and whip a batch of these up. I know he’s absolutely love them.

    • pragmaticattic Says:

      Oh, and this is a fun recipe to make with kids because the batter has no eggs and is so easy to make.

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