Daring Bakers: Cappuccino Swiss Swirl Bombe

The July 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Sunita of Sunita’s world – life and food. Sunita challenged everyone to make an ice-cream filled Swiss roll that’s then used to make a bombe with hot fudge. Her recipe is based on an ice cream cake recipe from Taste of Home.

Imperfect whimsy. That is what I finally produced for this month’s DB challenge.

An upside down ice-cream bombe that poses as a cup of cappuccino.

What is on the outside: slices of flourless chocolate swiss roll, with a cream filling. On the inside: vegan coffee ice cream topped with a dairy-free frozen Amaretto mousse.

For the chocolate roll, I adapted Flo Braker’s recipe for chocolate sponge, The Simple Art of Perfect Baking, p. 159 (see also google book). The recipe calls for 50 g. of cocoa and 25 g. of flour. I used potato starch instead of flour.

For the cream filling, I used a crisco/powdered sugar/rice milk mixture which was left over from my pinkalicious cupcake. The recipe that I used was more or less the same as this, but with powdered sugar (you will need something like 2 cups of powdered sugar instead of 1 cup of granulated sugar). And leave out the salt if you are using Earth’s Best margarine instead of butter. Yes, I know, it makes no sense to put a frosting with flour in it with a flourless cake, but, well, I had run out of flour when it came time to make the cake and I had the frosting in fridge, and well, there you go . . .

I froze the swiss roll, the sliced it and used the slices to line a bowl already lined with plastic wrap.

For the ice cream, I made an ice cream with 1 can of coconut milk and a can of cream of coconut, flavored with 4 tsp. of coffee powder and a little bit of almond extract. The original recipe called for condensed milk and cream, which whip up nicely. So nicely that you don’t need to churn the mixture in an ice cream maker. Cream of coconut and coconut milk just don’t whip up like that, so I whipped a cup of Rich’s Whip and folded that in. It was too loose, and I had to put it in my Donvier ice cream maker anyway.

The somewhat loose ice cream mixture went into the swiss roll lined bowl and the whole thing went into the freezer.

To simulate the milk foam, I went with a frozen mousse, which is kind of like a bombe mixture. A classic bombe has a layer of ice cream and an inner core of bombe mixture. A bombe mixture is made by whipping egg yolks and pouring over hot sugar syrup. Then you fold in whipped cream. A frozen mousse is the same, but you cook the yolks and sugar together over hot water like a sabayon before adding the whipped cream. The difference is like that between Italian meringue and Swiss meringue. The final mixture has the same ingedients as ice-cream, but you don’t need to churn it.

A classic bombe combination is coffee ice cream and kirsch flavored bombe base (Bombe Mogador). Then there is coffee and rum/vanilla (Bombe Havanaise). At first, I was going to go with Mogador, using homemade cherry brandy. I was afraid the brandy would give the mixture an odd color, and I didn’t have rum. I decided it would be better to go with Amaretto, to complement the almond extract already in the ice  cream.

To make the mousse, you combine an egg and a yolk with 2 Tbl. of sugar and an ounce of Amaretto. Heat this, while whipping, over a water bath until it thickens. Then whip it until it cools using a stand mixer. I whipped a cup of Rich’ Whip and folded it in. The mixture looked very much like milk foam. I poured it over the coffee ice cream in my lined bowl (see Sunita’s recipe linked to above for assembly instructions). A little sprinkle of cinnamon added to the illusion of a cappuccino.

I popped the whole thing in the freezer while I made a handle from melted chocolate chips.

So what didn’t I do? Ummm, the fudge sauce . . . Maybe later, for serving with the dessert, although it won’t be layered with the ice cream like it was supposed to be. Oh well. Better late and slightly incomplete than not at all.


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12 Responses to “Daring Bakers: Cappuccino Swiss Swirl Bombe”

  1. shoshana Says:

    I absolutely love the coffee cup! It is adorable!

  2. kate Says:

    that is so very cute! great minds think alike for coffee!

    • pragmaticattic Says:

      Thanks, Kate. Coffee toffee fiends must stick together! Seriously, there is no better flavor combination than chocolate/coffee/heath bar or skor bits.

  3. pragmaticattic Says:

    Thanks, Shoshana!

  4. Flour Child Says:

    That is really inventive. And also totally adorable.
    And since you seem to be pretty skilled with dairy free cooking, I was wondering if you would have an idea for how to make a vegan key lime pie. I am dubious about making it without a custard, but a friend asked if I knew of a good recipe for it.

    • pragmaticattic Says:

      Thanks, Flour Child! Actually, I do have a sort of vegan key lime pie on my site, googleberry pie. The pie was delicious, but not quite a replica of key lime pie. It was super easy though. I have also made key lime pie substituting cream of coconut for the condensed milk, which tasted exactly precisely like regular key lime pie, but it used eggs and wasn’t vegan, just dairy free. I didn’t post about it because for some wierd reason the graham crust floated to the top when I baked it and the top of the pie looked wierd. It is still in my freezer and it tastes great frozen! (ask me how I know)

  5. Julie M. Says:

    Oh wow! What a creative idea you had. It looks delicious to boot! You rocked this challenge! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next month.

  6. Julia @ Mélanger Says:

    What a great idea. So creative. Well done on the challenge!!!

  7. lisamichele Says:

    How did I miss your delicious sounding bombe? I’m not a coffee person, but I could eat that easily. Beautifully done as always.

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