Gefilte Fish, Chanie’s Way

I made the gefilte fish recipe from Chanie.  Well, actually she suggests three different ways to make gefilte fish from the frozen roll: (1) coated in mayo and breaded; (2) cooked with marinara; and (3) cooked with an Asian sauce. I made the bread crumb version and tried to stuff it in a mini loaf pan for baking. I knew it wouldn’t fit, so I cut a piece off the end before breading it and placed the little piece in another loaf pan with the marinara. I baked per Chanie’s instructions.

Result: very good, although my family resisted trying something new. Chanie says that the gefilte fish will puff up and then collapse, leaving a slightly misshapen loaf, but the mini loaf pan doesn’t leave room for that warping. The gefilte fish comes out perfectly loaf shaped.

Chanie’s great idea is to make two different kinds of fish and then plate them together with a few different sauces.

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