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Perfect Brownies

February 23, 2011

No, there is no recipe (sigh). Dvora makes stellar brownies–for me these are the platonic ideal of brownies, cake-ey/chewey with a deep dark cocoa taste. But, she doesn’t do recipes. So, if you want some, you have to get in touch with Dvora.

Dessert, Straight from Israel

February 23, 2011

Thanks to my fellow bloggers, I discovered the Israeli dessert queen, Carine Goren (hat tip to Chavi, who has diligently worked to perfect Carine Goren’s challah. Not to digress by Chavi is a fantastic source of challah recipes–her blog is turning into a challapedia. Oh, and here is another post about Carine’s challah).

Anyway . . . enough rambling. Does anyone have a recommendation about which recipe to try first from this book? My husband says that when he bought the book at Steinmatzsky, the clerk raved about this book, but didn’t give any specific recipe recommendations.

Note:  here is a US source for her books.

Update: Here is Dvora’s take on Carine’s challah, which includes a link to the recipe in Hebrew and a video of Carine making the recipe.