Dessert, Straight from Israel

Thanks to my fellow bloggers, I discovered the Israeli dessert queen, Carine Goren (hat tip to Chavi, who has diligently worked to perfect Carine Goren’s challah. Not to digress by Chavi is a fantastic source of challah recipes–her blog is turning into a challapedia. Oh, and here is another post about Carine’s challah).

Anyway . . . enough rambling. Does anyone have a recommendation about which recipe to try first from this book? My husband says that when he bought the book at Steinmatzsky, the clerk raved about this book, but didn’t give any specific recipe recommendations.

Note:  here is a US source for her books.

Update: Here is Dvora’s take on Carine’s challah, which includes a link to the recipe in Hebrew and a video of Carine making the recipe.


8 Responses to “Dessert, Straight from Israel”

  1. Dvora Says:

    I also use Carine Goren’s (that’s the one in my blog post about changing to a new challah recipe) – just with the sugar increased to a full cup, because we may live here, but our sweet tooth tendencies are pure American!

  2. Chavi Samet Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! Congrats on the new purchase! Ive tried the three mousse cake, the apple cake with raisins, the chocolate cake that uses raisins— all successes. I dont know what the recipes are in English as I own the Hebrew version…. So glad to have discovered your blog, by the way! Always nice to see Kosher recipes especially being made in Israel..

    • pragmaticattic Says:

      Thanks for the tip–all the recipes look so good, it is hard to know where to start. I didn’t realize that there were differences between the English and Hebrew editions (other than language and adjustments from metric), but I can’t find the chocolate raisin cake, and the mousse cake is called double not triple (although there are three layers of chocolate including the glaze). Hmmm . . . interesting.

  3. Gabriella Says:

    I bought Carine Goren’s book in English last summer in Raanana, Israel while on holiday and once back home I have tried most recipes. Carine’s yeast cakes are foolproof and very tasty and I now bake them week after week. The thumbprint cookies and the Moroccan anise biscuits are also very good, they are supposed to keep for a long time but I never had the chance to test this aspect, the jar is always empty in a couple of days!
    Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy it!

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