Parshat Veyakhel Project

Okay, so this has to be just about the worst picture I have ever posted (and that is saying a lot), but (a) I got the parsha project done before Shabbos, and (b) it was one of the most successful projects I have ever done with the kids.

By successful, I mean that it was easy to do, the kids had a lot fun with it, we talked about the parsha, and it was a healthy snack that they happily gobbled up afterward.

For Parshat Veyakhel, we made a model of the Mishkan out of whole wheat bread, peanut butter, cheese crackers, Cheerios, and pretzel sticks. Originally, I wanted to go with matzah, cream cheese, and cheese slices (for the curtains), but that was vetoed by my kids.

I realize that it is hard to see what is going on in the picture, but the overall design is based on this (see also here).  The pretzel sticks are the courtyard pillars/posts (amudim–we started to put Cheerios on top for eyelets for the curtains, but abandoned that pretty quickly). The cheerios make a wash stand (kiyor). The cheese crackers are the altar (mizbeyach), its stone ramp, and the  tabernacle (Mishkan).

Here is alink to someone who did kind of the same thing, but with brownies: Parsha Project Blog

And some more links:

Mishkan visuals

Tanach Study Center

Here is a vort that suggests that the mishkan was like Sarah’s tent

More commentary



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