After the Seder Romaine Salad

I have been using up the leftover romaine lettuce to make this throw together salad.After the Seder Romaine Salad

endive (optional)
chopped red, yellow, and orange pepper (or just red)
sliced scallion (1 or 2)
dried cranberries
grape tomatoes
balsamic dressing: 2 Tbl. balsamic vinegar, 4 Tbl. olive oil, salt, pepper, and a drizzle of honey, maybe also a splash of orange juice

Layer lettuce in bowl with dried cranberries, chopped pepper, and tomatoes. Sprinkle over some sliced scallion. Mix together the dressing ingredients in a bowl, adjust seasoning to taste, and toss with salad. I just eyeball the measurements. Tonight, I just sprinkled the vinegar and oil over the lettuce, dusted over some salt and pepper, drizzled over some honey, and tossed.


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