Matzoh Lasagna

No, I didn’t make this on Pesach . . . I made it this morning. I like matzoh lasagna a whole lot, and it is easier and cheaper to make than regular lasagna (especially if you got 5 lbs. of matzoh for free and need to use it up). I think I like this even better than regular lasagna.

Matzoh Lasagna
This is adapted from my friend Riva’s recipe for spinach lasagna. For the original version (with 10 ounces spinach added in and with half the ricotta cheese I use here, see this post)

6 sheets matzoh
jar of sauce (26 ounce jar is fine, although my original recipe called for a 40 ounce jar)
2 lbs. of ricotta (original recipe called for half this amount; you can cut this amount in half if you want a normal amount of filling)
1 lb. mozzarella (reserve 1 cup for the topping, or use an extra cup of cheese for the topping)
salt, pepper, to taste
pinch garlic powder
2 eggs

Combine cheeses, seasonings and eggs. Pour some sauce on the bottom of a pan (I used a 8″x10″ casserole). Take two of the matzoh sheets and slit them in half. Each layer of matzoh will be 1 1/2 sheets. Run 1 1/2 sheets of matzoh under hot water and lay them over the sauce in the pan. Spread over 1/3 to 1/2 the cheese filling. Wet another 1 1/2 sheets of matzoh and place over the cheese filling. Pour over about half the sauce. Wet another 1 1/2 sheets of matzoh and cover the sauce. Add the rest of the cheese filling. Wet the remaining 1 1/2 sheets of matzoh and cover the cheese. Top with the rest of the sauce and top the sauce with the cheese (reserved or extra). Bake at 375 degrees for a half hour.

Extra: Who is Riva? See this interview with Leora from a a couple of years ago (which links to this Facebook page). Riva is super talented (she makes her own ricotta cheese!)


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One Response to “Matzoh Lasagna”

  1. ilanadavita Says:

    I too have left over matzoh. Thanks for the reminder.

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