Parsha Bechukotai

Carine Goren’s Fluffy Orange Chiffon Cake, with luchot in powdered sugar, and “Shalom” in cinnamon sugar.

This week’s parsha cake is inspired by a parsha shiur I went to this morning that discussed (among other things)  the following (I give links to posts I found that explain the ideas in depth):

In this week’s parsha, Bechukotai, Hashem promises that if the people of Israel keep His commandments, they will have abundance, security, and peace.

Why is peace promised in addition to and separately from the other blessings, which include security?

Rashi concludes that these verses prove that peace is equivalent to everything else (“What’s Bothering Rashi?”).

Ramban offers another interpretation: security refers to external enemies, and peace refers to harmony amongst the people of Israel. Following Hashem’s commandments inspires people to live in peace (Rabbi Buchwald’s Weekly Torah Message).

The parsha also talks about the disappearance of evil beasts. Rav Yehuda explains that the evil beasts will vanish, but Rav Shimon Bar Yohai says that the beasts will remain, but they will cease to be evil; following Hashem’s commandments will return the world to its state before the sin of Adam when no beast would kill a human. (Rabbi Riskin, Shabbat Shalom)

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