Making Crepe Paper Peonies

My favorite flower, the peony, has such a short season . . .

With a little crepe paper and green pipe cleaners (chenille stems), you can make a bunch of paper peonies that you can turn into a bouquet or napkin rings.

Here is how you do it:

Cut 5″ squares of pink and fuchsia crepe paper and stack about 6-8, alternating the colors. Make sure that the lines, or the ribbing, runs horizontally on all the sheets as you stack them in front of you. Accordion fold the sheets, so that you have a narrow strip about 5″ by 1/2″ (the ribbing or lines on the paper should run the length of this strip). Trim the ends by snipping it into points (pinking sheers might work, but I didn’t think to use them). Wrap a green pipe cleaner around the center of the strip and then fan open the accordion pleats to make a round flower. The layers of paper are the petals. Gently separate them, pulling the layers toward the center and allowing them to ruffle.

(See Creative Jewish Mom’s post about her gorgeous crepe paper flowers and her ideas for using these flowers for a Mexican themed seuda)


2 Responses to “Making Crepe Paper Peonies”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Lovely! I adore peonies, too, especially the big powder-puff “double” ones. I’ll have to try these, since I don’t have a peony plant at my house!

  2. pinwika Says:

    So beautiful!
    Great idea for simple and cost effective table settings. Love it!!

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