Caramelized Chili Lime Tilapia

Tilapia, seared with chili, scallions, garlic, and basil, coated with a caramel lime sauce. I was inspired to make this dish after flipping through Donna Hay’s The Instant Cook, although my recipe doesn’t exactly match anything in her book.


Caramelized Chili Lime Tilapia

Sear fish in a very hot skillet, coated with a thin layer of peanut oil:

1 lb. tilapia, cut into 2″-3″ nuggets

Flip the fish and top with the following:
thinly sliced jalapeno (seed and de-vein to cut the heat)
minced garlic (2 cloves)
thinly sliced scallions (about 4-8, reserve green part for adding at end)

Combine juice of a large lime and 2 Tbl. sugar in a bowl and pour into the skillet. The sugar should start to caramelize. Gently tilt the skillet but don’t stir until the sugar starts to turn brown.

Add the green part of the scallions and basil:
handful basil, torn

Toss the fish around in the sauce and plate.


One Response to “Caramelized Chili Lime Tilapia”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Sounds delicious! Perfect for the scorching weather we’ve been having.

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