Nine Days Menu Ideas

I’ ve been posting some of the things that I have been making, but I thought it would be fun to link to what other have been making or suggesting for the Nine Days.

Leora served a large meal with homemade rye bread, mushroom barley soup, grilled salmon, salad, cheese noodles, steamed cauliflower and bean dip.

Miriyummy barbecued fish on the beach (favorite line about meals during the Nine Days: “While Elsie, Foghorn Leghorn and Lambchop can all breathe a sigh of temporary relief, Nemo is on the run for his life. ”

Rochel served sprouted bean burgers.

Chanie posted a super easy fish dish, plus lots of great ideas for other meals, broken down into categories like “dairy,” “meat-lovers,” “light ‘n healthy,” and “other pareve ideas.”  Besides the usual Italian dairy ideas (pizza, lasagna, stuffed shells, eggplant parmesan), Chanie offered some more unusual ideas, like sushi salad, stuffed white potatoes and stuffed sweet potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, and breakfast food like French toast, pancakes and waffles. Chanie’s friend Dina posted her veggie calzones recipe.

IlanaDavita made Thai fish cakes.

TheKosherChannel has a whole lot of recipes and menu ideas, including ten fish recipes, Tex-Mex ratatouille, frittatas, veggie chili, and Caesar salad. What I especially loved: ideas for turning one night’s dairy meal into another meal. Leftover rice from dinner gets recycled into tomorrows stuffed peppers. Leftover roasted vegetables served with last night’s fish dinner goes into today’s  pasta primavera.

Mara has some great ideas, including taco salad, aloo gobi, sweet potato and black bean burritos, black bean burritos, plus last year’s tofu, cauliflower and quinoa.

Life in the Married Lane has good ideas, too.

Mrs. S posts her father’s waffle recipe.

Liz Kratz posted a veggie version of Pioneer Woman’s tortilla soup (plus a link to last year’s recipes).

I have also been inspired looking through the recipes posted on BCooks.

Update: Mrs. Belogski has posted interesting menu ideas, too.

Gush Gourmet posted a yummy sounding Maple Sesame Salmon and a Tortellini Salad, plus links to other appropriate recipes, such stromboli, butternut squash deep dish pizza, asparagus and baby bella rotini, fettuccine portobella, mozzarella crusted stuffed sole, pesto halibut, cheese latkes and Greek salad.

9 Responses to “Nine Days Menu Ideas”

  1. Mara Says:

    Thanks for the link love and this great round-up of recipes. It looks like I have a lot of recipes to add to my favorites file. xo Mara

  2. Rivki Says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog! Nice to find yours. I’m going to take a look around for a bit. 🙂

  3. ilanadavita Says:

    This is a great post. So interesting to witness all the creativity generated by a restriction.

  4. Miriyummy Says:

    Thanks for including my bbq-ed fish post.
    Poor Nemo…

  5. Leora Says:

    Thanks for all these ideas. Some are new blogs for me – I should go visit.

  6. Mrs. S. Says:

    Great round-up! Thanks for including my post.

  7. Rochel @ barefootandcooking Says:

    Thanks for the link love. I’m definitely going to be checking out the other recipes.

  8. Early Weekly Review | Ilana-Davita Says:

    […] for the Nine Days: – Nine Days Meals, lots of ideas from Leora – Nine Days Menu Ideas, more suggestions from […]

  9. Mrs Belogski Says:

    i put my menu up as well. Interesting to note, that as i pointed out, it does look like some people end up eating better during the nine days than the rest of the year!

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