Parshat Devarim, Shabbat Chazon

In Devarim, Moshe begins a repetition of the Torah, recounting prior events, including the incident with the meraglim (spies) who spoke against Eretz Yisrael(see Shelach). When I was talking about the parsha with my children, my son remembered that only two of the twelve meraglim–Calev and Yehoshua–said that the land was good and could be conquered. Of their generation of B’nei Yisrael, only Calev and Yehoshua would enter Eretz Yisrael.

(Actually, Chana Tolchin has an interesting post about Shelach in which she explains that only Calev represented his generation. Yehoshua represented the future generation. In Devarim, when Moshe recounts the incident with the meraglim, Calev is mentioned first as being exempt from the punishment of not entering Eretz Yisrael because he followed Hashem wholeheartedly. Of Yehoshua it is said: “who stands before you he will go there; strengthen him, for he will cause Israel to inherit it.”

Citing Rav Moshe Lichtenstein, Chana Tolchin explains: “Calev belongs to the generation of the midbar, and his fate is therefore mentioned ‘in the same breath’ as the fate of the current generation in the description of the punishment in Devarim.” On the other hand,  “Yehoshua’s actions throughout Cheit HaMeraglim are inspired by his knowledge of the future position he will hold for the nation. In the first description of the punishment, only Calev is mentioned because in a sense, he is the one member of the present generation excluded from national punishment. Yehoshua really belongs to the future generation, a fact that affects both his behavior throughout the episode and the way in which the Torah describes him in relation to the nation’s punishment later.”)

My son said he wanted to make cakes decorated to look like Yehoshua and Calev. As it turns out, one cake was all I could handle (but I posted two pictures of the one cake, so it is almost the same . . . .)

Here is a really great audio on the parsha:

Rabbi Berel Bell

Some more parsha picks:

Sichos in English

OU Torah

How I made the cake: one 9″x13″ cake, topped by a 7″ cake. Then carved a bit and frosted.

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3 Responses to “Parshat Devarim, Shabbat Chazon”

  1. Rochel @ barefootandcooking Says:

    I LOVE IT! Your kids are really lucky to have a mom who cares so much to make yiddishkeit so fun and relevant. Also, I love the 2 pictures – 1 cake part… that sums up my attitude in life perfectly.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Oh my goodness–he’s so cute!!!

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