Ten Years Ago

Baila suggested that we post our memories of 9/11.

I was in the midtown Manhattan Marriott Marquis at a conference. The conference had started quite early. They interrupted a session to make the announcement of what happened. I was in shock. Everyone whipped out their phones and tried to make calls, but it was hard to get through. We were told to stay where we were.  I was frightened.  I was afraid to stay where I was but also afraid to leave. I ended up staying put inside the conference hall until the end of the day. So, even though I was in NYC, I hadn’t seen images of what happened and I hadn’t heard actual news reports. By the time I made it to my parents house in NJ late that night (long story), I didn’t really want to see footage. I couldn’t bear to watch. I still can’t.

In the following days, I remember people looking for the missing. I remember being called and asked if I had seen a particular person who had been last seen going back into one of the towers to help others get out.

I remember going to a wedding a few days later where the groom was in the army and it now looked all but certain he would end up getting sent overseas to fight (he went, he came back, he made aliyah . . . another long story).

I remember feeling grief and anger and disbelief along with the rest of the country.

The world, as I knew it at least, had been changed forever.


One Response to “Ten Years Ago”

  1. Tali Simon @ More Quiche, Please Says:

    I was sitting in my high school history class in a suburb of D.C. when the news came through. We had just been discussing America’s strength…

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