Heads Up on Upcoming Parsha Cake

I have been asked to post parsha cake ideas a little earlier in the week.

Right now, I am thinking about making a fruit basket cake.

Like this cake from Taste of Home, which is pretty easy because it is just frosted cake with wafer cookies pressed into the sides for the basket part and fruit on top for the fruit part.

But, I may do something else.

Like this cake with a piped basket weave.

Or maybe I will just make marzipan fruit and a marzipan basket (kind of like an edible play-do project with the kids)/

I don’t know yet.

2 Responses to “Heads Up on Upcoming Parsha Cake”

  1. Lauren Says:

    The orange/sour cream cake in the Bon Appetit recipe sounds really yummy. My dad made marzipan fruit one year for Christmas and they turned out really beautifully. I’ve never made them myself–they’re a lot of work! However, my World Market sells them already made, which is perfect for when the laziness sets in!

  2. Tali Simon @ More Quiche, Please Says:

    I know I’m commenting a little late (already after Parshat Ki Tavo, cough cough) but just wanted to say thanks for the earlier parsha dessert post! Loved seeing the different ideas, but I actually like your cereal bowl the best. Wins the fun award!

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