Rosh Hashana Menu (Last Year’s)

These are my notes for one of my holiday menus from 2010. I can’t believe I made this much food for one meal. Maybe it was for more than one meal . . . .

Smoked Paprika Roasted Salmon

leaf salad

quinoa salad

beet salad

black eyed peas salad

Israeli Couscous salad with roasted tomato and olives

Turkey Roast
Ina’s butternut squash and tzimmes
cranberry applesauce
potato kugel
Armenian pilaf
spinach red pepper tart

Honey Cake
Chocolate Applesauce Cake
Crumb Topped Plum Cake (I have no idea why this recipe isn’t on my blog. It was so good.)

This is my mom’s menu from 2008:

Rosh Ha Shana Menu

baked gefilte fish and salmon


turkey roast

brisket and gravied potatoes

orange chicken

honey carrot coins

roasted cauliflower / asparagus / roasted winter vegetables

salad with crunch

corn salad (Gatherings)

plum cake

rum raisin balls

pareve cheesecake or tiramisu


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