Other Blogs, Other Rosh Hashana Posts: Simanin

Pumpkin Pie

Here are some nice blog posts about simanim:

From the Jewish Hostess:how to clean the simanim to make sure that they are insect free (first things first!)
Leora on simanin (follow all the links to the other posts!)
Israeli Kitchen: simanin  here and here (plus this funny post about lubia and fish eyes–don’t ask!)
Gorgeous photography and recipes for simanim from Cook Kosher
Kosher Foodies on Leek Patties and Simanim in general
From the OU, recipes for simanin
Food Bridge–gorgeous photos!


4 Responses to “Other Blogs, Other Rosh Hashana Posts: Simanin”

  1. Leora Says:

    I notice this spells FLIGK going down, but I’m no sure what the siman is.

    Happy Friday and upcoming Shana Tova.

  2. Mrs. S. Says:

    Foodbridge also has beautiful photos of the simanim:

    Shabbat Shalom and Ktivah V’Chatimah Tovah!

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