Rosh Hashana Orange Chicken

My mother has been making this for a really, really long time. It is easy, freezes well, and never fails to please. Simple enough for a family dinner, but special enough for any occasion. When my mom wants to make this more special, she uses cornish hens and adds orange slices or mandarin oranges as a garnish.

The idea is that you roast the chicken a little, to give the chicken skin a chance to crisp and brown just a little bit, and then you add the orange glaze. The chicken juices mix with the orange glaze to make a thick gravy that is excellent over rice.

(And I have also used this as a sauce for fried tofu, in case you want the vegetarian version.)

Mom’s Orange Glaze Chicken

2 broiler chicken, cut in eighths
12 ounces orange juice concentrate
2 tsp. ground ginger
3 Tbl. margarine (totally optional–I leave this out)
seasoning for chicken: paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper

Lay chicken out in roasting pan(s) and season liberally on each side with paprika, plus a somewhat less generous but even coating of garlic powder and onion powder, plus a bit of black pepper. Bake the chicken at 350 degrees for a half hour. While the chicken roasts, melt the orange juice with the ginger. Baste the chicken with the orange glaze (Just dump it on, and regularly baste), baking for another half hour, or until the chicken is done (170-180 degrees).

Note: I added a couple of spoons of apricot jam because I had it out for the Turkey Roast.

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