Getting Crayon Out of Clothes

Here is a totally random digression: How do you get crayon stains out of clothes?

In the past, I have relied upon Crayola’s advice for getting out crayon stains (WD-40).

That is okay for an item or two. But what happens when you have a whole laundry load with crayons stains that went through the washer and dryer?

I tried the Crayola method. I tried another method where you put the WD-40 on the clothes and then soak them in a tub of water with detergent. That helped, but the WD-40 really reeked and it was grueling work. I only tried this with the better clothes that had gotten strains.

We had almost given up the remaining clothes as a lost cause, but then I saw this post at Mama’s Laundry Talk which suggests putting the laundry back in the machine with premium detergent and Oxi Clean on a long hot cycle. I put the clothes back in the machine–without any WD-40 pretreatment–on a regular length cycle, without the pre-soak, using the hottest water settings and using lots of Oxi Clean.

Guess what? The stains all came out! And no WD-40 smell.

The clothes that had been treated with the WD-40 smelled strongly even after being washed. I rewashed them with a little vinegar added and it helped. I also had a shirt that got bad grease stains from the WD-40, and I used Dawn detergent to get out the grease stains.

I hope I don’t have this problem again, but next time my first course of action will be to take any stained clothes that can tolerate really hot water and rewash them on the hottest water cycle with plenty of Oxi Clean added in.


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