Swiss Chard Chips

Note: this is a very healthy way to use olive oil to make something crispy to snack on on Chanukah!

My husband loves “chips” made by roasting kale. I got a little confused in the supermarket and bought Swiss chard instead of kale.

Hmm . . .  Could I make the recipe with Swiss chard instead of kale? Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I googled and found out that, yes, I could.

Macheesmo’s approach was the one I went with.

This is what you do:

Remove the ribs from the Swiss chard leaves. Clean and dry the leaves (really dry them well).

Put the leaves on a sheet pan. Drizzle over a little olive oil. Toss to coat the leaves with the olive oil.

Sprinkle over sesame seeds and roast at 400 degrees until crispy. Check every few minutes. Take the pan out of the oven after 4 minutes and turn over leaves, remove any ones that are done and put the pan back in the oven to finish crisping up the rest of the leaves. Recheck every couple of minutes. Take out when all the leaves are done to your liking. Salt and pepper, to taste.

Nick at Macheesemo said that the most you need is five minutes of cooking time. I let mine go longer, and my chips stayed crispy for much longer than the 15-20 minutes of crispiness that Nick got from his approach. Of course, his looked a bit greener than mine did.

Your call: a pretty green chip with less shelf life, or a darker green chip that stays crisp longer.

Bonus: Jaques Pepin has a completely different approach to making chips from greens. He cooks them at 250 degrees for 20 minutes or so. This way they dry out better and are less likely to burn. Also, he put them on a rack set over a sheet pan (rimmed cookie sheet), which also helps them crisp up. I didn’t do it that way, but I am going to try it. Take a look at the episode of Fast Food My Way where Pepin makes Kale Chips, and you will see exactly how it is done. He starts preparing the kale chips at the 17 minute mark. If you start a little earlier in the episode, you will see Pepin prepare potato pancakes, called criques.

Actually, Pepin’s whole menu is cheese balls with pine nuts, chili, kale chips, and potato pancakes. This actually might make a nice Chanukah menu: vegetarian chili with cheese, latkes with sour cream, and kale or Swiss chard chips.

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One Response to “Swiss Chard Chips”

  1. Tali Simon @ More Quiche, Please Says:

    Bet I’d love this, if only I had a local store that sells swiss chard! I had a swiss chard lasagna in a restaurant last summer, and it was terrific.

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