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Dairy-Free Cheese Danishes

August 19, 2009

There is a fascinating recipe for Pareve Cheese Flavor Crescents in Tzipporah Kreizman’s wonderful Delights of the Jewish Kitchen. They are super easy to make, there is absolutely no dairy involved, but they taste uncannily like cheese danishes. 


The recipe is fairly similar to the dough for the sour cream twists, except that the recipe calls for water and salted margarine instead of butter and sour cream. After refrigerating the dough for an hour and a half, the dough is divided up, and each portion is pressed out into a large circle. The circle is cut into wedges like a pizza pie, and each wedge is rolled up into a crescent shape.


The secret to these crescents is that they are dipped after baking  into a sugar syrup that is flavored with fresh lemon juice and lots of vanilla. The moisture from the syrup and the lemon/vanilla flavor give these pastries a taste that evokes cheese danishes. (more…)