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Caramel Spice Applesauce and Lemon Ginger Applesauce

December 10, 2012


It isn’t so hard to make you own applesauce, and the flavor is exponentially superior.

Lemon ginger applesauce is a wholesome mix of apples, ginger, lemon and a bit of honey. The bright lively flavor of this applesauce is an antidote to the heaviness of fried food. The famous tummy soothing properties of ginger mean that this applesauce will make you feel a bit better if you over indulge in latkes.

The other applesauce is comparatively a rich treat, with buttery caramel flavor.

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Cranberry Applesauce

September 21, 2011

[picture hopefully to follow]

I have been making (and my mother and sisters have been making) this recipe for years and years. The recipe originally came from Gil Marks, who had pioneered with a kosher cooking magazine (Kosher Gourmet, 1986-1991?). This applesauce recipe was from one of the magazine’s articles.

We went apple picking with friends, and this recipe made excellent use of the diverse varieties we brought home. This is perfect for Yom Tov–great served alongside potato kugel, brisket, turkey, kasha . . . a very versatile accompaniment. (more…)