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Bundt Cake Barbie

March 12, 2012

Looking for an easy way to make a Barbie cake without buying a special mold (Wilton’s Wonder Mold) or making and carving lots of layers, I hit upon the idea of topping an extra high bundt cake (this kugelhopf Bundt pan) with cake made in a half dome mold (Wilton’s Sports Ball pan). Okay, I used two specialty pans instead of one, but these were pans I already owned.

The kugelhopf pan tapers sharply, which makes it ideal for a more realistic skirt, plus it has swirls that look like the skirt pleats. The half ball was a little too wide at the base, and I thought of cutting the cake until the diameter of the bottom of the ball matched the top of the bundt. Then I thought of making the top piece like a swirling pouf over the skirt.

So this was my original game plan: carve the top piece to look like an overskirt and then frost the bottom to show of the swirls. Not a good plan! It was very hard to frost the cake this way. In the end, I smoothed out the frosting, hiding the swirls. This looked neater, but it wasn’t a perfectly smooth cover for the swirls–the top edge showed a little bit in places. And the carved part of the overskirt never looked right. In retrospect, fondant might have been the only neat way of covering this cake.

So, I wasn’t completely happy with this cake. On the other hand. It was easy to bake a bundt, and I liked that there was already a hole in it for Barbie to stand in. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t try to carve the overskirt. I would go with a whipped cream frosting and try to slather a thick layer that covered everything. That would have been easier to get smooth. Alternatively, I could have tried a fondant covering.


Happy Birthday, Leon!

October 25, 2011

Three layers of flourless pecan cake, two layers of chocolate mousse, a chocolate¬† frosting, and praline crunch (Marzipan plaque with “Happy 8oth Birthday Daddy!”). This would be great for Passover (scaled back down, of course!).


Happy Birthday Barbara!

March 13, 2011

Happy birthday, Barbara!

Barbara is teacher who is also very artistic, excels at calligraphy, and is very involved in Israeli dance. For her birthday, I made a fondant top to her cake in the shape of a blackboard, with a piece of chalk, a pencil, and stickers to reflect her teaching background. I added in a fondant sticker about Israeli dance, plus a palette and brush, and a calligraphy pen and paper to indicate her other interests.


Happy Birthday!

January 4, 2011

This birthday cake was a collaborative effort. The kids mixed the cake (Amazon cake–mixed right in the foil pan), I baked the cake and made the frosting, and the kids helped decorate. My kids directed the design–blue smiley face, with a nose–and added blue piping on the sides and sprinkles on top.