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Blueberry Toaster Tarts

August 18, 2014


This is a nice snack to pack for lunch. You can also use it as a take-along breakfast treat on those mornings when a sit-down breakfast just isn’t happening. Made with whole wheat flour and filled with a low-sugar (or no-sugar) blueberry chia jam, these toaster tarts have much more fiber and anti-oxidants–not to mention much more flavor–than store-bought toaster tarts.

Don’t be turned off by the idea of whole wheat flour or the chia jam. These tarts have flaky, tender crusts with a flavorful filling–exactly what handheld fruit pastries should taste like.


Wordless Wednesday: Blueberry Lemon Parfait

June 27, 2012

Blueberry Lemon Parfait: layers of creme chiboust (kind of a vanilla pudding mousse), blueberries, lemon curd, lemon mouse (lemon curd mixed with whipped cream) and a cinnamon-sugar lattice garnish. (more…)

Blueberry Bublanina (Czech Coffee Cake)

June 16, 2011

Bublanina ( boo-blah-nee-nah) . . .” bubbly cake.”

Fun to say and fun to eat.

There are lots of versions of this coffeecake on the internet, but I liked this one from Barbara Rolek on  with blueberries, or čučoriedky (here is the version with cherries, or čerešne or ceresnova, which is known as meggyes lepeny in Hungary).


A Swan for Pavlova

June 27, 2010

This isn’t the Daring Bakers challenge. This is a swan pavlova made from a recipe by Stephanie Alexander (or here, via Nigella).

Why a swan? Well, the dessert honors Anna Pavlova, who was famous for her performance of The Dying Swan ballet (clip of her performance of this ballet on YouTube). She loved to watch swans and kept them at her home (rare clip of Pavlova at her home, with her swans). Want more YouTube on Pavlova? Here are some more pictures and information about her. (more…)